by Anal Phobia

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released July 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Anal Phobia Mantova, Italy

Italian band since 2009.
we started as a grind/pornogore band and in 2010 we released 2 EPs (Eviration Mortem, Pacific).
in 2013 we'll release our first album, 'Unarm'.

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Track Name: Gud Gris
wake up
you are in my hell
a sign
you must give me your soul
my eyes will see you
no chance to live tonight
Track Name: Call Him In Silence
is this my ethernal rage
this fucking torture
is passing limb to limb

call him in silence
he is the one
which eats the rotten bodies
forgotten in the wasteland
and call him master
we're on the way
to catch a pray for him and suffer for you
apologies won't be your salvation

decimate and you'll have immortality
escape and decimate them

your burning have become undead
it makes me feel obsessed
you see these eyes
does they sign your demise
Track Name: Berluskøni
run into the street
go away from here
kill all human beings
and evirate their genitals
i believe in this
motherfucking shit
just lay down
and suck my fucking awesome cock

you shall be dead
sodomized and flayed
i'm becoming this

i see something
another figure without form

consumed by worms
infected by the religion

i'll cum in your face
i will be proud to see my shot
on your brown-long hair
in your fucking asshole

i failed to make you scream
but your vagina is wet
i cum inside of you
i know the sheath is broken
you're fucked now
Track Name: H.E.D.
i see you again
this time no one
can help you
i don't know where i am
i feel yourself
and i'm going to leave you

this minefield is our torture
i began to see death around me
shame and distress are everywhere
i'll take a moment to drown
in this fucking circle

grow and burn your worst regret
and face your maker around the victims
the more you follow this empathy
the more you're going to madden seriously
this monsters are illusion
this place is forgotten
and everything i skim becomes evil
destroy the monuments

surrounded by wounds
define the next judgement
before it's too late
Track Name: Desertum Foliae
this is a wasteland
they call it madness island
dishonored by gospel
i must stay here forever
you fucking infidel
lay in this desert
burn beyond the sun

i'm losing my destination
sink into the sand
i want to sink into the sand
i want to steal your pure soul

desertum foliae
a place where you will walk alone
a place where you will get mad
Track Name: Cumparty [feat. Michele Biason of Whales' Empire]
growing, seeking
another mistery is going beyond us
starving, dragging
this is a misery falling around this life

the time goes by
fighting against the eye
the time goes by
but we'll never decay, bitch

i know where you live
we'll bring some fucking weed tonight
i know where you live
we'll bring some fucking sluts

let's have a party
and drink until we through up
so don't be shy because
i'm gonna take you up

let's have a party
and drink until we pass out
we're all here to have fun
don't mess up with me
we won't stop it until we're fucked up
Track Name: Soulless
i feel obsessed, i am in conjure
this is my torture, i'm soulless
i hate this cages surrounded by chains
don't sleep tonight, i'm soulless
i am inside this prison
my ghost is watching me
you will rest around this shit

this is an eradication
of the fucking dregs
you better step away from my face
i'm the ghost of the weightless

we struggle on the lines
before the sun goes down
we will never look back

eat this shit and drop dead
you make me fucking sick
Track Name: Steampack Willie
i've waited
a thousand years
on this fucking shore
this is for you
nuke that cross and call'em forth

i've always been a honest deceiver
take one more chance before the sundown
i've always been a beneficent asshole
take one more chance before the twilight

worlds are aligned
they are putting us under
stars are aligned
all the lines are joint togheter

call him satan
smashing all the churches
Track Name: Dark Throne
your fate will be changed by
the saints without wings
they'll watch you raping harlots
while i'm standing on my throne

this is a warfare
this is an acid nation
i always standing on this throne
i am in searching
i have to fly away
i always standing on this throne

i hate all that you hate
take off your enemies' heads
possessed by hell

the time is passed
and the tree of life is dead

this place reminds me
all the time i have passed

this is done to form a legion
i know this is my throne
do you believe in my orders?
and would you die for me?
Track Name: Legion
take me to the bloody sea
into the abyss
where you started to pray the evil
now it's a relentless possession
i'll be the one who cut your throat
to save you
to save your soul

we feel surrounded by the Legion
we stay between this sacred tombs
the hogs are standing on the hills
we never die because of you

take me back into the humans
rise me
and make me feel the pain

can you will survive
between this sacred tombs
everyday i lie
i'm standing on the hills
Track Name: Nailed
I watched a change in you